Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin Competition

So much for getting photos of peoples pumpkins for display. Thanks Mom for sending me yours!! I guess my example photo scared everyone away. But anyway the pumpkins we carved for Halloween include:

No. 1: I think I should have quit with the smaller fake eye lashes and used a little more tooth whitener.

No 2: Patriotic Pumpkin-Good ole stars and zigzags (?)

No. 3: Mrs. Packman's Revenge

No. 4: Half-pint

No. 5: When all else fails just smile

No. 6: Simply Creepy

No. 7: Who is holding Who (Witch Holding a Pumpkin)

Vote for your favorite in the comments below.


Suzi said...

I vote for "Simply Creepy".....nice carving job Adam.
I have to say I love the fangs on "When all else fails, just smile".....very creative Wyatt!

Julia said...

I like Adams best as well and Wyatt get the runner up award.

I For One..... said...

I like the witch holding the pumpkin. Did you get my San Jose Sharks pumpkin photo that I sent you on Halloween. May have been too late for you, but I never carve until the last minute because they mold so fast.

Julia said...

I have suddenly got a problem with down loading photos and need to get to the bottom of WHY... So I did get your pictures but have yet to be able to post them. I feel the time slipping away. But I appreciated your effort for sure. Our pumpkins were toast by Friday night. Then the kids had fun destroying them.

Doris Sturm said...

I like them all, but I'll go with Miss Packman's Revenge....

I probably won't carve one just for myself, so I'm enjoying yours and I also got your widget for my blog - it's so much fun.

I'll just do some "virtual" pumpkin carving ;-)

I love your blog! Hope you're doing ok, Julia!

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