Saturday, October 2, 2010

Been Doing Research... Lost in Antiquity

I've been kind of obsessed lately doing research on houses like this...

The thought of totally replacing our little hovel of a shack is fabulous. (We have lived in an 800 square foot house for seven years now.) I've been combing the internet and getting all the information I can find on Craftsman style architecture. I even got one of Gustav Stickley's books to find prospective floor plans. Ha! I laugh out loud since they are not available in this world any longer. I guess I will be enlarging his four by five inch drawings. Yeah, that ought to work...

We are setting a goal of next summer for attaining this monumental feat. I just want to get up to the 1000 square foot range in house size. (The County we live in restricts the size of secondary dwellings on our property.) Thus, I will settle for the 200 square foot upgrade in the new house.

But with a certain style.

A style of simplicity and function beyond all else.

And well, of course, beauty. And yes beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

This original Craftsman (circa 1909) pictured above is 1000 square feet - on a gnats ass!

And we plan on including a 200-300 square foot garage that can be converted to a play room for the kids. You see we can have any sized garage we want by County rules. Like that makes any sense at all.

So you see I have been away from the blog with good reason. For happy reasons!

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