Saturday, August 23, 2008

News from the Farm

I would like to introduce the newest member of our menagerie, Lucky the kitty. Long story short we were not sure if he was going to stay and now there is no question about his position in our family.

A few weeks ago I heard a great yowling from across the road after dark. Great I thought, a lost kitten. Having two and half non-native predatory species inhabit our territory was well enough. (One of three cats is very lazy and does not hunt but once a year thus 2.5 hunters) Last on my list of wants or needs is another mouth to feed and manage, but alas I walked over to where the winning orignated at a 12 inch culvert pipe in the neighbors drainage ditch. In the dark night the noise fell to silence, nothing there. Waste of time. So the next day dawns with infrequent crying coming again from somewhere across the street. I give in, against my will, to now save this creature and arrive at the same culvert pipe to be greeted by a jet black kitten, about 10 weeks old, maybe a pound in weight. With road rash on his face and rump and a sunken in gullet I brought him to my portch and began feeding him. Let the cheers begin...

Damn lucky kitten I think, probably hit by a car, alone, then gains sympathy from unwilling human. Raven black with faint tabby stripes, I'd better call him Lucky then to ward of those superstitions. The kids and baby start playing with the little ball of fur right away with intense fascination since this kitten allows them to carry him around like a rag doll. With limp legs dangling from his tightly held body he sanginely accepts even the youngests mauling. Baby Ella, 19 months old, likes to grab him from his back end and walks around with his tail and butt in her face. Lucky just dangles there, claws neatly tucked within his dainty paws. That's a nice image yes??? He is a Keeper!!

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