Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What the Heck Wednesday

I was sitting in LAX today, listening to a college-age girl talking loudly on her cell phone making fun of a lady working in the terminal who has a little bit of two tone hair. This arrogant post-teen spoke as if visible roots are the worst possible thing in the universe. No compassion, no manners. Then I had to listen to her talk about how so and so is a "douche bag" Yes, she was saying that in a public space with everyone around her… Sad state of college age people that all they can speak about is how wretched everyone is around them. Then she busily cracked her knuckles with impatience when her cell phone call was dropped. Thank goodness for small favors. No more senseless prattle. I was young once too, but I NEVER sounded like that. But now I am complaining...

So anyhow, I had time to write a post while waiting at the airport since my flight home had been delayed one hour and I really had no billable work. Here are my random thoughts that I should have reported earlier for Random Tuesday Thoughts, but was too lazy to get my post together in time.

On Traveling

I have been flying to LA rather frequently for work and as the plane descends, I take the time to gaze over the urban sprawl that is the Los Angeles basin. I can see tidy roads lined up facing east to west. They are framed by a backdrop of the steep San Gabriel Mountains to the east. From coast line to mountain there lays the hive that constitutes some form of humanity. While hard to justify and impossible to prevent, I no longer lament the fact that concrete covers large portions of the landscape.

This line of thought transports me back to almost three decades ago when I was about 10 years old and driving home from a hiking outing. Our trip brought us over the southern end of the San Francisco Bay and views to the west were of a fading pink and orange haze hugging the shoreline. Grey smudged teeth poked up through the pollution where the buildings occupied the landscape. The bay has been filled with earth to make room for more homes and human structures.

The damage was done well before I was even born. I never had a chance to see it before it was plundered and destroyed. All I felt was doom. What had we done to our land? The slow tears of sadness and disgust were impossible to hold back. Almost thirty years later and I have built immunity to it all. Just how does that happen?

My Truck

I will reveal this embarrassing fact: When driving my truck, which is a diesel, I will catch my self turning the stereo volume down, when in fact it is not even on. Then I realize that it’s my truck making all that noise. Somehow, subconsciously, I want to turn my engine noise down with the volume controller.


I am a snob, or rather an unchangeable old lady. At Starbucks I refuse to order drinks by their size names. I am not sorry to say I will not order a small by asking for a TALL.

And a medium drink is not a GRANDE, to me that would mean a large.

And extra large should be just that. Not Venti…

The Baristas try to trick me into saying their Starbucks names by asking, “Do you mean a Grande?” And I always say, “Yes, a medium, please.” It will always be small, medium and large for me.

I refuse to conform.

My Kids

I was shopping at the grocery store with both kids walking around me on their own recognizance when the cell phone rang. It was an important call, so I had to take it. Dangerous grounds with two loose children. And immediately my voice on the phone stimulated my kids to dive under the produce shelves. Seriously, they were crawling under the stands on their hands and knees, cackling in laughter the instant I said, “Hello.”

Note to kids: I will flail you next time you crawl on the floor of the grocery store!!!

Ella’s Lids

This pink and brown hat came from a swap I did with Sara at the Handy Hooker!!!

This hat is made by Doris at Crocheting in Georgia!

Thanks Ladies!!!

Someone I know is a bit spoiled in hats!

I am Cheating on You

I am aware that I have markedly reduced the number of posts per week on this blog. I have a reason.

I am cheating on my blog. Yes, I said it. I am cheating.

Two things have come between me and my blog. I am writing a children’s book and I am playing volleyball again two nights a week. And I have been trying to sew some stuff for Christmas. So that’s really three things interfering…

When I get the book in a presentable format it will be available here since I will have no qualms about pimping myself, for myself.

My return to the volleyball court after an 18 year hiatus was not without physical pain and debilitation. Be assured I have been served my punishment for neglecting my blog. I was hobbling with muscle pain for about two weeks. Now things have stabilized and I am having fun. I even got invited to play on a real team for old ladies. We’re going to play in tournaments this winter.

Sewing two pieces of fabric together is easy. Sewing two pieces of fabric together in a straight line is hard. Matching squares up to get even spacing on a grid is very hard… But my children will not notice. I hope.

I can’t distinguish between my car engine and the radio, my kids continue to be wild, willful beasts, and I am cheating on ya'll. So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


Miss Dot said...

What a shame about that girl in the airport. Some people are completely oblivious to their surroundings and to general phone etiquette :(

How exciting that you're working on a book! Do we get to know any more about it...?

I'm glad to hear that other people sometimes have a hard time keeping up with their blogs... makes me feel better about my own laziness ;)

Christine Gram said...

I get the sense that you are at peace. Makes me feel the same way ;)
I went back to my high school sport a few years ago, basketball. I was very hesitant to do so since my primary memories of basketball consist of my coach screaming his lungs out at us. But I was happy to find that, surprise surprise, it was really fun and I'm actually not all that bad.

So Not Mom-a-licious said...

Vito does the same thing with the stereo volume. Only it happens more when the heat or A/C is on. And he only does it when he's on the cell phone. Which drives me nuts because it's not loud in the car, it's loud on the other end. So I think he is technically trying to turn down the caller's background noise with the stereo volume all because he is so easily distracted...which is always a nice thought of someone on a cell phone driving a motor vehicle!

ga.farmwoman said...

The girl on the phone hopefully will learn in time it is just as easy to say good things as negative ones.

You certainly have been busy! I can't wait for your childrens book. I still have one in mind about Miracle Eve.

I love Ella's hats. She is such a cutie!
The ladies did a great job on making the hats, too.
Have a good day.

Mel said...

Good for you for getting back into volleyball. A little exercise goes a long way toward making everything else (obnoxious cell phone calls, crazy kids) a little more tolerable.

I just started going to the gym (not my favorite way to get exercise, but it fits into my life right now) and it has made a huge difference in my stress level. Now if I could just fit into those pre-babies jeans...

Pricilla said...

Good for you, just don't kill yourself in the process or get spiked on the head or anything.

Ella looks so cute!

Can't wait to see the book!

Frogs in my formula said...

I refuse to conform too! I hate that grande bologna. Can't wait to see the children's book.

Melodie said...

Oh,Oh, Oh !Starbucks! I love-hate them! I refuse to use their stupid names and they correct me like I am a half witted child!If that coffee wasn't so damned good...

Vixen said...

Hah, I do the same thing at Starbucks. I refuse to conform. Cheating on us, huh? Well, well. I can hardly wait to see your book.

I remember when we first moved from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara, our subdivision was new and we were surrounded by orchards. It certainly changed a bit after that I am sad to say.

Sara said...

I do the Starbucks thing too. But I don't buy Starbucks anymore. Santa may be bringing me a Keurig, so I'm saving up for the coffee.

Love the hats! She is so adorable!

You are inspiring me with the volleyball. It was my favorite sport and I've wanted to get back to it. May convince some old High School girls to make up a team.

Can't wait to see your book! It has to be amazing! You are a great storyteller!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The Secret Life of Julia.

Wild-eyed Botanist!
Kids-Crawling-On-Store-Floor Mom!
Capaholic by Proxy!
Known as "Shorty" to her Volleyball Teammates!
Nearly Famous Author!
Can Spell Jodphurs As Well As Wear Them!
Seamstress Deluxe!
Nicely Mannered!

Rural Rambler said...

You are writing a children's book Julia! How exciting is that?! Will you be doing the illustrations too? I am so happy about this news, cool.

EL said...

I can definitely relate to your airport experience with the 20 something girl yacking away on her phone... my work recently hired a whole slew of recent college grads and i was looking forward to the new group since i work with folks who are mostly a great deal older than me. But WHOA - though i'm only about 8 years or so older than these young 20 somethings, it feels like i'm in a whole other world from them, though i'm only 30! the way they talk, to what they talk about, and the overuse of the word 'like' - meaning about 20 times in a 2 minute spill, grates on my nerves on a daily basis. though i don't dislike them, its apparent that we won't be becoming great friends haha... ahhh, and yes, i too was that age once but i can assure you - i did not act or talk the way they do. its just baffling to me.

good luck on volleyball - it sounds like a great deal of fun! i starting running again and pushed myself too hard too soon and could barely walk for weeks lol...

San-Dee said...

aren't you the lucky one! So many wonderful things in the works!

just let me say I raised "wild" girls and they are the lights of my life, and I am oh so happy they have brains in their heads that they use!! More power to Wyatt and Ella.

love the hats, and can't wait to see the book--I've got lots of little people in my life that could use a good book now and then.

DayPhoto said...

The thing about cell phones is this...most people who talk on them are very UNAWARE of how they sound to people who don't know them. Cell phone uses also talk as if they are in a phone boothe---loud.

Although, I have a cell phone I try very hard not use it in public.

The rude college kid is our next tax payer.

Also, KARMA sucks..how she is acting now will come back at her in full force. Not a good thought, is it?


Yaya said...

I'm cheating on my blog too....with a private blog. :)

LOL at Starbucks.

LOL at your truck.

And of course the kids would run off the minute you're on the phone. Gotta love 'em!

Cute hats!

Ratty said...

Another good post. I went from anger at that girl to laughter about the Starbucks thing, I understand. The thing with the kids was funny. I remember taking my nephew into the store and watching as he rolled around on the floor as if he was possessed by a demon. That kid was my favorite little monster, but now he's grown with meaner kids than he was.

Mountain Woman said...

Hmm, where to start. As to the girl, she'd have a field day with me and I would just have to say something back. I have multi toned hair and I'm darn proud of it. I think manners training is so important.
As to SF and the Bay Area, I remember when your area was all orchards. So sad.
Don't get to Starbucks much any more cause I don't have the extra cash but I'd say Large too.
As to cheating on your blog, don't tell, but I have been as well and for the same reason as you. Not posting as much and so slow to get back to others but I'm working on a book which I too will shamelessly pimp.
So here's to the best of luck to you in all your endeavors and as always Merry Christmas to the most photogenic angel in the world who looks adorable in hats.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Julia, I did a post not too long ago about the "D Bag" word and the other disgusting word that is thrown around is F@ggot I hate those words but teens now days use them as if they were normal everyday simple non offensive words.
Congrats on the V-Ball, The girl made the varsity team. What a great sport I hope you have a fun and winning season.

Ms Snarky Pants said...

I don't understand the negativity! I don't think it's just college age kids though. I think this has been going on for a really long time. People have just lost the manners necessary to shut them up so the poor person their insulting doesn't hear them. I had to beat DH out of being nasty. He never did it where anyone could hear it mind you. It would be like while we were driving in the car, he'd insult the person crossing in the cross walk in front of us. I finally put my foot down and told him I didn't want to raise nasty rude mean children so if he said something like that in front of them again I'd whoop him. Also I don't want to get caught in his karmic payback for being mean!

And OMG those hats are cute!

Aunt Spicy said...

Ohhh, I might be the only person in the world who loves LAX...cause it represents coming home to that giant concrete basin that I love! I hope that you are going to post what ever it is that you are sewing!

Captain Dumbass said...

Trying to play volleyball right now would probably kill me.

Debbie said...

Since I have kids the girl's age as well as younger kids, and sub in the schools, I can assure you we are in a terrible shape in this country with our youth. Parents have completely given up their jobs teaching kids any manners at all. I am always amazed at the rudeness.

Blog Buddy said...

I'm a new reader-with a similar blog. We both lead simple lives... Thanks for making me smile:)

Sharkbytes said...

OooooH - sewing, volleyball and writing. Sounds great! Hey, I am working on a children's book too. Want to swap MS in January for comments? I'm currently on leave from that project, but REALLY want to get to in next month.

Sharkbytes said...

Duh- I meant to say have a great Christmas with your kids. That is way better than blogging!

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