Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Bingo Does on Summer Vacation

The sweet dry air of the late afternoon makes me happy as I sit in the tall grasses and think about the day that has past and what the night shall behold.

But then I see someone I know! He is a friend. A very good friend who I am always glad to see. He was nice to me when I first came here, even though I thought he might have been mean. He blends in with the yellow grasses with his best camouflage apparel. But I guess he can't help it. It's pretty hard to change your fur being a cat.

I can't resist a good joke on my buddy. Who does not like the surprise attack once in a while. It's those startling jumps of adrenaline that make me glad I am a cat! I love the feeling of crazy kitty energy pulsing though my veins. I will focus on him and hope he does not notice me crouched low.

However, Jimmy just ignores me. He is a mature. He is not as feisty as me. He does not get worked up over my antics. He stoically waits for me to pounce. That is no fun. I want to wrassle.

Well, this is more like it! This small human is entertaining. He likes commotion. He is in constant motion. If I swat at him he won't leave. He likes it!

This little human is silly. He keeps poking me with a piece of grass. Maybe I should just bite him and see what happens . . .

Or I could rub my face on him so he smells like me. I LIKE things that smell like me. I want everyone to smell like me. In fact I think my perfume is the BEST! The small human does not seem to mind either . . . some people don't like it when I put my perfume on them!

The small human is concentrating on petting me for some reason. I think my fur must be the softest around. He must really like me. Yep. I must be right about this.

Well, I've had enough. I am a cat and I bore easily of the small human. I need to find something else to sniff, something else to inspect, something else to do. I think the small human does NOT like me leaving him so soon. But I don't care. I need to leave and he can't stop me.

Well this sand box is really nice. I appreciate having such an expansive place to use the bath room. In fact, I think all the cats in the neighborhood use this sand box. I have heard the Tall Lady say she is not happy about this use of her "arena." But it can't be helped.

Now who is this other cat down here! I have never met him before. He is like me only . . . only all gray colored! Hmmmm. I think that I'd better watch my back around this place!

Bye for now!

PS. The Tall Lady said if you have not bought your copy of Bingo's Big Adventure, my first book, and want your own, you can jump over to my website and get yours using PayPal or go right to Amazon.

Also, the Tall Lady has requested I ask those folks who have a copy of my book, and have an Amazon account, to please, please, please put a review up about Bingo's Big Adventure on Amazon. Amazon loves reviews. Amazon recommends books to other customers based on reviews. I would really like it if your review helped more folks to purchase my book. I think it would help the Tall Lady too, and she feeds me, so I ask.

15 Comments for OSL:

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

A Bingo- an agenda for the world. I think Wyatt and the Tall Lady may have something to say about that.

blueviolet said...

I love his expression when Bingo is walking away. LOL

PS. My Bingo post is going up tomorrow. :)

Ratty said...

Bingo leads a charmed life. It must be fun being a cat with a dominion like that. I guess the only problem is that mysterious shadow cat.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hi Bingo! You're famous! The Tall Lady put you in a book! Watch out because that Small Boy might try to squash you between the covers! He is fiesty like you are!

Now I am going to go to Amazon and tell everyone how much I like your book.

Julie Harward said...

Looks like the book is doing good, I am seeing lots of good reviews! Way to really is a good one! :D

Walk in the Woods said...

What an interesting day you had, Bingo. :)

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

Hey Tall soon as I get paid for this last apron, I am going to buy a copy of your book for the girls! I can't wait. Also, we may be doing a visit up to my dad's in September, so may be we will stop by on the way and say Hi!

Rural Rambler said...

Bingo is one lucky cat! I loved the book Julia and I need to stop procrastinatin' and get on over to Amazon to do a review. I been in procrastination mode for months now, bah!

Sara said...

Love Bingo! He's gotten so big!

Dawn said...

That Bingo is too cute! Wyatt, too. Now I know why Petey keeps rubbing himself all over Aggie - perfume!

DayPhoto said...

Very good reporting. Keep up the good work another book is happening!


Grand Pooba said...

I just bought a second copy on Amazon today!

Gotta love that Bingo

Captain Dumbass said...

Tell the Tall Lady that my Bingo post is coming. Not tomorrow, but coming.

SaJ said...

the name alone makes me wanna buy the book: :)
Cat world isn't so bad.:D

Rose DesRochers said...

I came over from Captain Dumbass to congratulate you on your new book. Is this the first one you have written?