Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farm Bucks - The Exchange Non-Legal Tender at the Compound

Summer Vacation - Day 8

For the record: Day 2 - 7 survived. But on Day 3 we decided to implement "Will Work for Bucks" program.

New parenting goal. Or rather, my new and improved and reinforced parenting goal is that I am not going to raise a kid who feels entitled to everything and won't work for "nothin'".

To facilitate this mutual happiness between adults and children on our "Compound" I have adopted an exchange system to earn privileges and rewards through the summer.

"Farm Bucks" as borrowed from Wyatt's first grade classroom is the form of currency which Wyatt can use to buy stuff he likes. For example...

Things which Wyatt wants and what they will cost him:

Drive John Deere Mower = 4 farm bucks
Go to Beach = 10 farm bucks
Rec Pool = 2 farm bucks
Being aloud to Chew Gum = 5 farm bucks
Afternoon TV 1/2 hr = 2 farm bucks
15 minutes computer time = 2 farm bucks

Farm Bucks are earned by:

Random acts of kindness = 2 farm bucks
Following directions = 2 farm bucks
Doing School Work = 2 farm bucks
Doing School Work without Crying = 4 farm bucks
Writing a story = 4 farm bucks
Reading a story = 4 farm bucks
Writing sentences about a story that was read = 2 farm bucks
Clean manure from horse pens = 4 farm bucks

So there are ample ways in which farm bucks can be acquired.

Wyatt is not happy about this arrangement. But I figure I am his parent, not his best friend.

But if he wants something, he will have earn it this summer. Hrumph!


Pricilla said...

Hey, nothin' in life is free 'cept for hugs from mommy.

Mel said...

I love it! And I love that face Wyatt is making. hee hee

basebell6 said...

the one that made me laugh is that he has to pay YOU to drive the mower!! most parents probably would PAY their kids to mow! ;)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I really like that. Does Em get to play too? Wyatt is destined for some great things, I think. You just get to figure out how to get him moving in those directions.

The Beneficial Bee said...

I love the bucks idea. I get the feeling Oliver thinks he should just get everything for free around here. I like that he earns two bucks for random acts of kindness! Jess

Doris Sturm said...

What a great idea, Julia! Congratulations - I wish more parents would adopt that approach to raising children - maybe then we'd have more productive citizens when they grow up. This sense of entitlement is really ruining this country.

I know Wyatt doesn't like it now, but you are only preparing him for real life and sparing him more problems further down the road.

You are one smart cookie = 100 farm bucks ;-)

Love you,
Doris and Gizzy

Elizabeth Leigh said...

I LOVE these ideas about the farm bucks and ways to earn. Abram is only 3 but already I need to implement something! In Target the other day, he begged for EVERYTHING he laid eyes on it seemed! Ridiculous! Thanks for the ideas here... :-)

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