Friday, September 12, 2014

Diamonds in the Night

I see the glittering diamonds in the dirt, among the dead grasses, and peeking out from the fallen oak leaves. Strange bright sparks like tiny rainbows flash at me from the flat, dry brown of the cooling earth. These multifaceted gems sparkle in the night as my flashlight skims across the ground on my pilgrimage outside once the sun has finally retreated to the back side of the planet.

Stars on the ground seem upside down, but indeed they are there. The intermittent blinking and twinkling as my beam shines to light my path reveals the small constellations at my feet.  As wide and vast as the stars fill up the nighttime sky, these stars in opposition seem to shrink away with my presence, hiding from the universe at large.  

I have seen the jewels come out like clockwork when it is their time.  I marvel at the fireworks in miniature, this micro world unbeknownst to many.  I know who the diamonds are and they know me too. I am not afraid but I probably should be scared of these stars.  I just can't let fear find a foot hold in the dark.

I have known about the alternate universe of stars that are grounded on the earth for many years, but never have spoken with another about its presence.  I know of them because I have looked closely and frightened the shiny rainbow orbs back into the nooks of their microworld where my light can not reach and the colors reflected by their eyes disappear. The long brown legs hunker close to the ground to give the appearance of simple sticks or twigs.  But I am not fooled. 

Simply stated, these stars are composed of an assortment of fiercely aggressive arachnids which inhabit the realm of my land. I am lucky to see the eye-shine from the many, many eyes of the spider world on my evening walk. The creepy crawly, spider family is represented by numerous aunties, uncles, moms, brothers, sisters and fathers. These predators seek small morsels of prey in the coolness of the summer night as is their right on the earth. Brown with thick legs, black with fangs, mottled with fur they come in all shapes and sizes to frighten one and all.  

How many eyes have been watching my progress tonight I wonder.  Have I stepped on someone?  I hope not.  And I always worry, "Do they get angry at the beam from my blinding headlamp?"

For all the little lives we don't even know exist.


Sharkbytes said...

Very cool! Nice to hear from you in the blogosphere.

karenscarvie said...

Wonderful writing, Julia. A treasure.

Ian H said...

Missed you on the blog listing. Hope you are back for good! reat looking kids and scenery.

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