Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Your Shoes are Still on Wrong, Yes I Can See You Hiding There and other Random Inert Observations

Let's start off with my daughter Ella today. She has been the source of much happiness in my life with her sense of humor, her quick wit and kind and loving ways. She really is an angel in disguise as a child.

However, if I can accurately see into the future there could be clouds of dissent brewing sometime in her teen years. Here's her best, "I'm an insolent 16 year old expression." She's just practicing for later.

But back to her good qualities... The other day Ella put on her shoes by herself. She is great about taking the initiative to care for her own human sphere. She shows a level of responsibility that is admirable for a 3.5 year old.

I looked down at Ella's feet and mentioned, "Hey Belle, your shoes are on backward."

Ella quickly says, "No Mom, Look!" And as I glanced up from my own feet to look at hers, I observed she had criss-crossed her legs at the knee. Then she said, "They are on the right way now! See!"

OK Smartie, now change your shoes please...

Then later I was looking for her, calling for her and wandering around the house only to find this amazing costume. . .

Clever, but I still can see your bare feet little lady.

I love her because she always makes me smile and I can never stay upset with her for more than a few moments. I wish I could absorb some of her good qualities and make them mine. I could learn a lot from her.

Moving on to Wyatt and Ella. Thank goodness these two can play together and have fun. Even when a black cat crosses their path.

Their joy is infectious.

Wyatt started 1st grade and has been a discombobulated ball of 6 year old boy lately. He flies off to school all day, comes home exhausted, cries at the drop of a rock, and crashes into bed promptly at 7. It's all in a days work for my little man.

While Wyatt is at school, Ella gets to help me with Bingo. She is the official cat chaser. Don't get the wrong idea about this. Bingo loves it and gets all dog-like crazy in the arena. He does his own share of chasing too.

Run Bingo, RUN!!!

I've had a preoccupation with photographing inert looking things lately. Things like wood and metal. And then those things which are really not inert like this lichen clinging to the fence on the back of our property. The back fence is truly in shambles, but it takes the best pictures.

My husband uses the term "inert" to describe some people. If a person neither irritates you or interests you he labels them "inert." It's like the person can't cause offense or inspire a strong likening.

I can't imagine what it is like to be an inert person. I've been known to cause a strong reaction from people in either the positive or negative direction. Generally, there is no two ways about it. What about you?

Well, I'm about all out of oomph tonight. It's been roasting in our part of CA. I'm cooked, I'm boiled, I'm fried, I'm roasted, I'm BBQ'ed, stick a fork in me I. AM. DONE!

And that's the end of my "tail."

17 Comments for OSL:

Julie Harward said...

I think I smiled all the way through this post! I just love Ella...and she will teach you so much mom..I know, been there done that! Love that cat..leaping and the cute butt shot at the end..thanks! :D

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh Julia, what a sweet and funny post!!! All the way through to "the end."

I am going to appropriate your husband's term for those folks -- "Inert." I really like that!

You sure are lucky to have those precious children!

And I wonder if Bingo knows he is the luckiest feline in the world?

Sara said...

Ella is adorable!!! Love her pics. Jesse insists on wearing her shoes on the wrong feet all the time. I've given up trying to correct her. She knows they are wrong. Bingo is so fun! Love the shots.

I have the same reaction as you. People either like me a lot or dislike me a lot. There isn't really a middle road.

Great post!

Dawn said...

Ella is a pip! And I love the photo of Bingo's butt hanging over the fence.

DayPhoto said...

Thanks for the ever so much fun blog post! I enjoyed each one and remembered those days when my (now grown with children of thier own) children were where yours are now.

Enjoy! They go fast!


Suzi said...

I must be one of those "inert" people in his eyes. ;-)

blueviolet said...

I can see why she gives you such joy, and I expect Wyatt will adjust to the demands of school soon!

I put the review on Amazon a couple days ago finally. It's not under my blogger name though. I use a different one at Amazon, but it's there. :)

Ratty said...

I love those pictures of the cat. There's nothing like good action shots.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Those two in the middle with Ella in the striped scarf, and Wyatt in his blue vest are just priceless. I'm starting to feel like I really know you guys.

Ms Snarky Pants said...

She's such a beautiful, adorable girl! I know what you mean about sensing the teen years. My best friend has two girls, and I can just SEE it coming. The five year old is already at least as snarky as I am at 30, and the little one has a streak of wild in her a mile long. I sense multicolored hair and wild clothes in her future. hehehe I wonder what it is about girls that makes it so obvious so early.

I don't think I know any inert people. I like people until they make me dislike them and then my dislike is strong!

Luuuuuua said...

f frumoase fotografii,felicitari

Captain Dumbass said...

I think that's some ominous foreshadowing with Ella. Good luck.

Raven said...

Your kids are adorable! I remember those years, and I miss them. Such great pics, you are quite the photographer!

Aunt Spicy said...

Oh gosh, what a cutie!

Doris Sturm said...

What a fun post, Julia! I really enjoyed getting to know your children a little more. I enjoyed dwelling on the words and pictures - getting transported back in time when my own now (soon 34 year old daughter - was a child Ella's and Wyatt's age...what zest for life, what unbridled enthusiasm one might only find in a dog - somehow people as they age tend to lose that "living in the moment" spirit or maybe we just wear out and give up!

I love that photo of Ella chasing Bingo - run, Bingo - R U N! I was a great cat hearder in my childhood days too. My secret was to exclaim from the top of my lungs a shrill, high pitched shreek that caused the cat's to stop and lay flat on the ground with their ears folded back at which time I was able to capture them - cruel yet effective!

Elizabeth Leigh said...

Loved the update post to see what the kids are up to these days. As Ella gets older, I see her looking a lot more like Wyatt. and he looked so grown up with his backpack on, heading off to school! i know what you mean about them coming home exhausted and cry at the drop of anything. abram does the same and i wonder just what DOES he do all day that wears him out so? i'm sure they run around and play like crazy boys? haha...

The Helpful Housewife said...

I went back to read some of your other posts...I love this one so much. I especially love it when you say "I wish I could absorb some of her good qualities and make them mine". I feel that way about little KJ all the time. I love the pix of Bingo too..he's got personality! :)

P.S. Thank you for following my blog!