Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Decode It!

One more addition of Decode Wednesday, following the lead of Maricris at Zen Ventures, brings you this series of pictures to figure out just why did Julia take them?

From left to right you have Wyatt (my son), Adam and Luke (older cousins who live next door). You see Wyatt and Adam will strike a pose at the merest suggestion. Resembling zombies from the Michale Jackson "Thriller" video or maybe from night of the living dead, the little boys get into character like it is simply another breath.

Elder Luke looks on, a little hesitant. He can't help that he takes after the stuck-in-the-mud "conservative" PATERNAL side of the family. I can see the over-sized hamster running on it's wheel in his brain. Indecision......... Luke is thinking about it. To copy or not to copy...That is the question!

That a boy! Now you are becoming 7 again, and not acting like your 87.

But then Wyatt has to pose by himself. He has become the consummate camera hog. I should take no little blame in creating this monster. He's only had a camera stuck in his face one million times.

It would not be complete with out the hunchback "Quazi Moto" pose.

What was all that silly ghoulish stomping really about? The true reason I have approached this gang of walking dead still eludes you...does it not? Observe if you will the condition of his pants below the knees, his saturated shoes, and the random dirt spots on his shirt.

Imaging if you will, a mother screaming, "Wait a minute Wyatt. I need to see you. RIGHT NOW!!!"

Then you see below my son is thinking, "Run Wyatt! Run!"

Take a good look at that kid's back side. Who's got the one foot long rooster tail up their back? And on a white school shirt.

Adam is thinking, "You are sooo in trouble, Dude!"

When I saw my pig pen of a child the only vernacular I thought to my self was unprintable. Let's just say that angry gargoyles were spitting in my head the phrase, "OH MY WORD."

Somebody rode their bike through the creek a few times when he was not supposed to. And wearing a once "good" shirt. I already said that once didn't I? Am I falling into repeating myself? Am I crazy for being a little disturbed by this?

Full disclosure. Destroyed shirt. Naughty little monster. Better run now, Mom's going to get you!!!

Mom says, "AGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!"

There is just not enough bleach in this world.


Yaya said...

This is SO CUTE! I love it!

What a trip those boys are! Lol!

And we have a ditch in the side of our yard and ALL the nieghborhood kids are drawn to it ALL YEAR. In the winter it's their mini sledding hill and in the summer, yup, they ride their bikes through it splashing mud all over our house. Bless my husband who goes and sprays it down and says 'they're just being kids and having fun'!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

LOL That's great. Too bad about the shirt, but what fun they were having!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

And I thot it was all about being Zombies! LOL! Nice one! I Love your DW versions. So cool!

Debbie said...

But he is so darn cute!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh, it's great to be a kid! Was great, I mean.

blueviolet said...

The only positive I can see is that he now has a shirt for anything mud related in the future.

Vixen said...

I miss little boys. I don't miss trying to get the school uniform shirts clean. Okay, I do. Crazy, huh?

Enough time goes by you even miss impossible laundry. Must be time for a grandson.

fidget said...

they look like they are doing their best impressions of radioactive giant squids

Shelly said...

Great post! Little boys should be sent home from the hospital with a bottle of bleach. And coupons for a lifetime supply thereafter. I never realized this until I had one of my own of course :)

The Mind of a Mom said...

The three monster pic is so precious! And the one of Wyatt with the mud on the back of him!

boys will be boys... for a moment it took me back to when The boy was little, he loved to get dirty and wet! And I loved it because I knew he was having fun

Michelle said...

Oh I so hear you when it comes to the bleach. My little one just loves to play in the mud and water puddles. There's never ending laundry at my house. I can't keep up. LOL! Thanks for sharing your fun day.

sistersledgekws said...

Looks like alot of fun. Great photos

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