Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Raining and Pouring!!!

The rain has been falling for the past few weeks and everyone has settled into the reality that everything is wet, wet and wetter. As I gaze out my kitchen window while typing on the computer I can see the rain falling in sheets across the back half of our property. The wind is picking up now and blowing northward. The rain, likewise, falls at an angle approaching sideways.

Everybody has their way of dealing with the rain.

Wyatt dons his day glow orange jacket and attacks the weather like the little warrior he is:

When I capture a photo like this one I can really see Wyatt's anisocoria. His pupils are two different sizes. When he was a baby I went into panic mode over this and we had to go to the ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis. See how his right pupil is bigger? He really is a freak of nature.

Then there is my drowned rat, totally soaked carcass directly after cleaning horse manure in the pouring rain. Sometimes one must do what one must do.

Ella and Daddy Mike dash off in the service truck to work at our truck yard. They will go and find shelter under the steel buildings.

Gemma horse occupies her time chewing wood off her stall walls until it day lights on the other side. She more and more resembles a 1200 lb termite or a gargantuan beaver capable of ravishing an entire barn.

With a brief break in the weather I caught Sharpie horse standing at the furthest west portion of his paddock. He parks himself there waiting for the sun to rise over the roof line. He's obviously been camped for a while since he could not bring himself to move to go to the bathroom.

The seasonal creek burbling across the property is irresistible to Wyatt and the cousins, who go for a stroll in the water. They have mud boots on but I guarantee they are filled with water to the brim. Undaunted by wet feet they ford the little stream under the auspices of "catching ducks." Whatever. I just am happy they can occupy themselves for limited durations without intensive supervision.

These are the ducks they allegedly are after. They are totally safe. The kids don't stand a chance.

I have to slowly creep toward them to get this mediocre picture. At the sight of me they start waddling quickly away.

Inside the kids find new and better ways to torment the animals of our "compound." Do you see what I see? Wyatt was screaming at me this morning, "Come see!" Ella threw in her own, "Picture dis, picture dis mom."

Now do you see? What kind of animal would submit to this kind of torture? Wrapped in two fuzzy flankets and attacked by a slobber covered walrus, Lucky cat is sleeping. Or faking that he is sleeping. The cat sent me a psychic message, "If I keep my eyes closed long enough they will just go away." Or is this cat is really a dog in a feline body?

This is more normal behavior from Lucky cat. Scaling walls vertically is his particular specialty.

There. That's better. Now they can't get me.

But then again, I kind of like being pampered and snuggled...

This innocent feline just killed his first bluebird much to my despair. He lept straight into the air and caught a beautiful male bluebird who was flickering around the mirrors on one of the trucks. Now daily lock down has been implemented to ensure the next generation of bluebirds are hatched on our property. No more fatalities at the claws of this cat.

Finally, a parting note with a male bluebird sitting in a tree. The rain is pelting him but he is fine with the weather. Fortunately we have about a half dozen pair of bluebirds who move around our property. There will be more babies as long as the predator is contained.

And as the wind berates my house, gusting and shoving, giving it's best effort to knock our little hovel over, I will say adieu. Happy Monday to you!


Yaya said...

Happy Monday to you too!

I love clicking here and seeing the ORANGE flowers! And now an orange jacket too! Don't worry, I have two different sized means i have perpetual "stink eye" know, sort of squint my one eye more than the other if I'm not being aware of it. I try to be aware of it for pictures. others probably don't even notice it, but I do.

I cannot believe your cat! That is so cute!

And that pic of the bluebird is awesome!

fidget said...

this post made me smile today- thank you!

Grand Pooba said...

Hey that rhymed! Your cat is so precious, your kids are so silly! Not just any cat would put up with that!

And you are the prettiest drowned rat I've ever seen!

blueviolet said...

Your life is so incredibly interesting to me and your photos are great and I just love your blog!

Suzi said...

I think Lucky is a dog in a cat body considering the way he follows the kids around.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I thought California was DRY!

Really enjoyed yer post! Yer funny!

I had to put bells on my cats because they were getting too many birds.

Michelle said...

You sure have some beautiful property. I love the pictures of your horses and your cute kitty all cuddled up. Your kids are so darn adorable. At least you guys are getting rain and not snow. I'm so tired of the snow in my parts. I'm really looking forward to spring and some warmer weather. It's -2F right now. Yikes, to cold for me. LOL! Thanks for sharing your fun rainy day.

AMH615 said...

I'm not sure if I'd rather be wet, like you, or cold, as it is here. 11 degrees this morning! It'll warm up at the end of the week though!

Tara with Cherish Bound tried to email you to get your account (contest prize) set up, but hasn't heard back. Could you email her at

Debbie said...

I love bluebirds. We used to have so many of them but have grown our yard up so much, they don't love us anymore:(

Kendra said...

She more and more resembles a 1200 lb termite or a gargantuan beaver capable of ravishing an entire barn.

What a wonderful post...this had me rolling.

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