Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rednesday-That's Wednesday with Things Colored Red for the Uninformed

Hi All, I forgot I had prepared this post a few weeks ago and it snuck through my net. I would not have posted it until next week but.... what is what is... Shmobie (post prior) is still the anorexic kitty but is not any worse. I have started feeding him every few hours since he still wont eat on his own. :( But I did more research and it says 90 percent of these cats can recover with the forced feedings. Thanks for all you nice words of encouragement yesterday. I sincerely appreciate them.

Meanwhile, with my sneaky post which I forgot about until logging on this morning here's the scoop...

I am playing along with SueLovesCherries at My Secret Garden today. She asks you to share something you like in red on Wednesday. You can visit her blog to see more folks who played along with her Rednesday theme.

To start things off, here are some California fuchia (Zauschneria californica). It's one of the ONLY native plants in our region that is blooming this late in the season. I have some growing on my landscape berm and it spreads like crazy and is a great native plant that needs little water and has great flowers too. I especially like the burning red they project to the world, matching the blazing heat we get late in the season.

Next in the line up are my two "red" horses. Chestnut colored horses are called red by some old timers and I kind of like the sound of this expression too. Showing their orange-red tinges, Sharpie and Max were begging for food of one kind or another in the afternoon sunlight.

And here is the last hurrah from my blooming roses. This is a simple rose with only a few petals per flower. It's more of a "wilde" or old fashioned type of rose. Roses in nature have few petals and more closely resemble this kind of varietal. In my plant systematics classes in college, one of my professors said, "Ornamental roses are the only "rose" that don't really look like the rest of the rose family." Her thoughts really stuck with me about this family.

Closing out this pictorial essay, we have rose hips. The fruit of roses with red skins hang pendant-like from the main bush. They are kind of heavy so the stems dangle under the weight of the seed and fruit flesh. Time to prune I guess...

That does it! You can check out other Rednesday posts at My Secret Garden!


jane augenstein said...

Very nice pictures, love the vibrant red of the first flowers! We have something that looks similar to that here in Ohio but I can't think of the name right now???!!! LOL
But LOVE the red horses the best! :-)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh honey cut those rosehips and have a giveaway!!! HINT HINT

I am sad to hear Schmoo is still not himself. I will make a special prayer flag for him.

That little "plain" rose has captured my heart.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Julia,
Great reds; especially the flowers and horses! Happy REDnesday!

claudie said...

Hi Julia
I must say your sunflower is shinning right through the screen... and she's smiling. I must plant some seeds. Do I plant them now or in the spring????
Love your reds today and your blog.
Happy Rednesday
Love Claudie

claudie said...

Hi Julia
I must say your sunflower is shinning right through the screen... and she's smiling. I must plant some seeds. Do I plant them now or in the spring????
Love your reds today and your blog.
Happy Rednesday
Love Claudie

Dawn said...

Beautiful horses. I'll come back by to check out more of your blog when I have time. I enjoy reading other California blogs!

Grand Pooba said...

Just call it orangerednesday! I'm jealous that your flowers aren't frozen to death.

Pricilla said...

How lovely. The flowers are gorgeous. They have been long gone from here for a bit.

I truly hope the kitty gets better.

Vixen said...

I like this Rednesday thing. I may have to take a shot at it. Love the pic of the horses in the sunlight.

Force a little kitty slop down Shmoes throat for me!

Ms Snarky Pants said...

Such lovely pictures! Glad to hear shmobie isn't any worse and that the prognosis is good!

SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, beautiful fuschias and, that rose . . . that rose! You said it's the last hurrah so, "hurrah for the rose!"

blueviolet said...

I'm glad it snuck through because those were beautiful photos!

DayPhoto said...

How is your poor kitty doing today?


Whimsical Creations said...

Hope your kitty gets better soon! Beautiful photos!

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I used to have the most gorgeous fuchsias hen we lived in California. There here but they definitely prefer California so I thank you for the photos.
Loved the red horses too!
Red is certainly beautiful but what about a pink day?

Apron of the Month Club said...

Hi Julia, I like the Rednesday, especially the flowers. I will throw in my Red Burlap into the pot. I found this gorgeous deep red burlap and I am going to make Christmas stockings. I like the rustic look and I like my Latin flair, so I think I will make stockings for the Cowboy and his Senorita.

Hope Kitty gets better. My dog got ill 4 months ago and the vet said that we were going to lose him. The kids and I prayed, and by the grace of God, "Snowball" is doing well. It was a miracle!!

Take Care, hope you have a good weekend, and talk to you soon.
Yoli :)

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Love your red horses the best! My roses never produce rosehips, do only certain varieties do this?

Aunt Spicy said...

Oh, I do love all things red...what a great post!


I have really enjoyed your beautiful blog. Many Blessings,

Yaya said...


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