Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's Been Cookin'?

Long time no blog! Boiled volley ball? Anyone? Anyone?

Volleyball stew complements of my daughter Ella . . . I think this is where the term, "Taste's like shoe leather" comes from. No takers?

How does my girl come up with these things?

Now, on to Wyatt.

How about Lima bean sprouts?

First you'd have to wrestle it away from this little farmer-man. . .

Let's not make any comments about the grape pop-sickle face, shall we?

He's mighty proud of his bean sprout and the joy of seeing it grow brings a certain sparkle to his eye that borders on amazing with a dash of naughty. Why is that???

Then here's a check up with Bingo the Mighty Adventurer . . .

Bingo said, "Sniff, sniff. I sniff all in my territory. Especially these strange flashy things in my garden personal litter box. The Tall Lady really hates me near the garden, but I just tell her that I am "weeding" for her. Who cares if I take out a few carrot seedlings or kill the radishes. . . I am a cat. I can do these things."

"I can also sleep in absurd positions on the Tall Ladies bed. There is a rule in the feline world, if you did not know . . . 'Sleep in those areas where you are not desired, and sleep with commitment.' I think I do both splendidly. After all, I need all the rest I can get. My book was sent to the printers last week and I will hopefully be famous soon. Well, I can aspire to greatness can't I?"

Enough from that spoiled cat!!

And on that note, I will intercept the fully bound hardback and softback proofs from the printer next Monday. Hopefully it will be perfect and I will be able to push the GO button on Bingo's BIG Adventure so it will be available for shipping in about 35 days!!

The final blood, sweat, and tears to get that little book to print-ready status was arduous last week.

Time for a little break. A breather. Or something like that.

Bye for now!!!


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, how exciting about Bingo's book...what a thrill! I love that photo of him sleeping on your bed ;-)

Wonder what Wyatt has planned for his bean sprout?

Give your little Ella a great big hug for me.

Nice to "see" you blogging again, Julia.

Pricilla said...

Oh yay for the book. I am very excited for you!

Sara said...

Good to "see" you again! Great pictures and I'd rather not have volleyball stew. ;) Can't wait to see the book! How exciting!

blueviolet said...

Bingo actually sleeps like that??? What? Really cool about the book, Julia.

IanH said...

For the spicey variety, tell your daughter to try "Old sneaker stew"

Grand Pooba said...

I love that you're writing a book about bingo, he's so dang cute! You could never stay mad at that face!

Rural Rambler said...

Oh Julia I am so excited about your book! I am going to get myself a copy :) I hope.

MObugs said...

I just love bingo, and with all these cute photos I see many sequels in his future. Congrats on the book Julia, I am so excited for you (and Bingo). I know it will be a hit!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

OH, I'm happy about Bingo's book. I read it, I really did. But the prep for the hikes just kept me from getting time to give you feedback. Best wishes for its debut!

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