Monday, February 23, 2009

Decode This!!-Part II

Following in the path of Maricris at Zen Ventures I am giving you another DeCode puzzle to figure out this week. These photos are related in some way. Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to decide why these seemingly unrelated objects are grouped together and how it occurred. Please examine the following pictures closely.

Photo No. 1: Brown micro suede couch and a fine gage cheese grater.

How did this essential utensil from the kitchen find it's way into a the back seem of the couch and why are there tracks streaking across the fabric? Why does it appear there is a pocket on the back of this couch? Was this some ill-fated attempt to rejuvenate the surface which is covered in children's snot, cat hair and miscellaneous food particles?

Whoever employed this tool was creating circular patterns, somewhat like crop circles, on the back of the couch. This must mean the aliens have been to my home recently.

Or are they still here?

Photo No. 2: White touch tone receiver phone resting on oven door connected to the silver wear drawer.

Hello....Hello.... Anybody there?

Satin is it you? Is this the direct line to the hell? Does anybody down there need a knife or maybe a spoon?

Dark lord of fire and brimstone are you there?

Is this where I make the collect call to Dante's Inferno to sell my soul? Or has somebody in my house already made some bargain that I'm not aware of?

Oh Crap...We are doomed!

Photo No. 3: Deer antler suspended from girls padded clothes hanger, dangled by red shoelace, from a bunk bed.

Did a deer get attacked by a princess wearing satin? And WTF happened to her shoes? Can you wear a pink satin dress and red sneaker? Somebody better call the fashion police and quick like.

Is this some strange demonic wind chime? Hold On....That only applies to goats right?

Is that the ladder to heaven or hell? Wait, we covered the "dark underlord" in the photo above...

Damn, this one is just so random I can't even make it up any more.

Photo No. 4: Child doing push ups on kitchen table with super gripper-feet clasping back of couch.

Is this a super child or a freak of nature? Does this kid have to do push ups to get fed? How long can he stay like that? Is this some demented form of punishment? Or does he do this just for fun? I just don't know...

So what have you concluded from Photos 1 -4 above?

Art work for the insane?


Well not really. You must know where these are leading now....These seemingly unrelated pictures are all tied together by one individual. It is my four year old son, Wyatt.

Some kind of genius or just simply crazy in the head, some days I can not decide what to think about the fruit of my womb. All of the objects pictured above are Wyatt's creations and/or the activities he finds enjoyable in his spare time.

I don't know where he finds the inspiration for his abstract art forms since he usually occupies his days at home with:
  • Giving himself haircuts while hiding in the closet,
  • Sneaking sips of Dad's left over beer off the night stand,
  • Peeing with no hands, flooding the floor behind the toilet,
  • Occasional naked bike rides through the creek, and
  • Mandatory snuggle time with his green blanket while sucking his thumb.
That about sums it up for my little boy. But then I find the stuff I have featured in the above photos.

Meet Wyatt up close and personal.

Sweet, innocent, adorable in a still frame but.........

Bonus Picture: Screaming child perched in an open window.

Mom says kindly, "Oh, Son of Mine please for the 1 millionth time get out of the window."

Wyatt says tauntingly, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Mom says with slight annoyance, "Really, please get out of the window. You're gonna fall and crack your head open."

Wyatt says emphatically, "But Mom, I climb in and out of this window from outside all the time."

Mom says totally pissed off, "I DON'T CARE. GET DOWN NOW!!!"

Wyatt says rebelliously, "OOOHHHAAAAGGGHHH!!!"

Mom says with futility, "I bleeping give up...."


Suzi said...

Wyatt is quite the character with quite the imagination. Always good for the entertainment factor.

Amanda said...

Oh my, he is one busy 4 year old! hehe.
He does have a great mind for abstract art!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

I'm LMAO! You are so good with this Decoding! You should be my official Decode partner. Mine is scheduled to publish tomorrow. Wow YOU ARE GOOD!

ga.farmwoman said...

Sweet Wyatt! I miss the daily decoding days with my 2 boys. Now I get to decode part time with the grandkids.
I like the deer antler on the hanger with the red shoe lace. Very creative!
Have a great day.

blueviolet said...

Oh, the possibilities for his future are endless with that creative mind. My son was a dismantler. I'm glad yours is more into putting things together, albeit the combinations couldn't be more random. LOL at your life!!!! :)

Michelle said...

This is so funny. Your house looks just like my house with strange messages all around. LOL! You might just have a Picasso or an Einstein on your hands. Good luck mommy. Julia, thanks so much for your sweet comments. We are all hanging in there. Hopefully we'll be better next week with a little help from the meds.

Mountain Woman said...

Your post brought back such sweet memories to me of when my son was young. You're gonna miss those days so enjoy them while you can. I can't wait to see his next adventures!

Jamie said...

This was a great post! I don't know what's better - the photos or your captions.

AMH615 said...

You were the winner of the Cherish Bound Publishing contest on my blog at

Congrats! Tara w/Cherish Bound will be emailing you with instructions on how to publish your own book!

Frogs in my formula said...

He certainly makes use of everything in your house, which leads me to believe that the busy hands of toddler-hood never rest? (Please lie and say yes, please lie.)

Yaya said...

Typical boy! Lol!

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