Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Day at the Spa

Ha! And you thought I meant for me... Not quite. I could not stand looking at Sharpie's shaggy mane just one more day. It was time for a Spa Day and that means clipping the bridle path and pulling the mane. This is what he looked like before the day of torture beauty treatment:

His mane is about a foot long and spilts in half on his crest to make a "double mane." I am soooo lucky. It's time to tame the beast. Let's just not talk about my leg hair or my eyebrows for that matter.

When I climbed on him to take this picture, he was thinking, "What oh what is she going to do to me now?" But since Ella had him totally under control there were no worries. See how much hair he has growing from that crest??? Agggghhhhhh!

The evidence. I use a combination of cutting and pulling to get his mane in to shape. Ideally, his mane should be about four to five inches long and the same thickness throughout the length of his neck. Let's just say I settle for somewhat less on the standards scale.

Holy Cow! He has a neck!

And this is the pulled mane for the most part. I will have to do some more thinning this week since he can only take so much of the beautification process before he starts flipping out.

And on to the Three Legged Mule...

Poor Gemma is starting to feel better too. She still looks like she has an ice pick stuck in her foot when she walks, but is putting weight on the leg and is eating again. Here is the offensive hoof and the hole that was carved out by the vet.

She pretty much wears through the duct tape daily and I have to redress her foot to keep gunk out of the hole. After cleaning out her foot I rewrap it. My handy assistant, Ella, is there just in case I need something from the barn. Wyatt, my budding photographer was fabulous with the camera taking great shots. Totally for real! I was impressed.

Gemma has got lots of attention from everybody lately. She does love people and being petted. One can't help feel for her misery. She is normally a spunky horse and has been very quiet, justifiably so. It will be good to see her back to normal.

And that concludes the update for our Spa Day and Gemma's progress. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery. We will get there!

19 Comments for OSL:

Suzi said...

I would love a day at the spa. Sharpie looks great and I'm glad to see Gemma feeling a little better.

Grand Pooba said...

Woman, you have the best life ever! I would kill to have those horses! (No that is not a death threat, please put down the phone!)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Honey isn't horse mane and tail hair really valuable? Seems to me I heard it was very valuable...

Hooray that Gemma feels better. Poor ol' Sharpie, you made him look like a Marine with that haircut. So much for his emo look.

Your son really took a good picture! Not crooked and actually of the subject!

Yaya said...

Wow! Wyatt is a good photographer!!

Glad Gemma is getting better.

And Sharpie is looking Sharp! I so wanna come ride your horses!

fidget said...

Nice job Wyatt! Horses make me nervous. Hubster was trampled by one as a kid and all I see when I see a horse now is PUNCTURED LUNG, BROKEN RIBS but they certainly are majestic

Daisigirl said...

I had to show my daughter your photos. She is a horse fanatic! Have you ever heard of an online game called Howrse? She plays this constantly! I have to almost pry her off! She gets to run her own stable and care for her horses. It's teaching her a lot about horses though so I guess it's not all bad!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Spa day look amazing for everyone! I love the pic of little Ella looking down from the top of the horse :o)

Amanda said...

hehe I almost didn't come look at your post, because my jealous thoughts of someone going to the spa killed me.

You horse looks beautiful! I didn't realize that a spa day for a horse could make such a change. it also makes me think I need one too!

MsSnarkyPants said...

Beautiful babies! I sure hope Gemma is feeling better soon! Poor baby! Hoof problems in horses always scare me to death!

Darn I miss my horses!

Granola Mom said...

You have a beautiful family! Both those on 4 legs and 2!

Vixen said...

The mane thing is Sharpie looks better and Gemma feels better. It must have been quite the hairy experience. (I know both are awful, but I couldn't resist).

Julia said...

ODP-Please let me know where I can get money for horse hair! I would love some extra cash.

Thanks to everybody for the complements! Really Thank YOU!

Vixen-you are a teaser you! Nice punnage.

Gemma is getting spunkier and more grumpy. ie she is feeling better every day. But still limping but not as pronounced.

Tink said...

Yay, What a great before and after at the spa big difference. Glad the foot is healing nicely.

blueviolet said...

That was completely fascinating. I never knew there was maintenance with a horse's mane, other than to keep it brushed and clean, etc. I feel so educated.

I'm really glad Gemma is on the mend. :)

Hibiscus Moon said...

Thank you for these wonderful shots. I am so happy that Gemma is doing better. Please keep us posted.

Frogs in my formula said...

Can I sign myself up for a similar treatment?

allhorsestuff said...

Hello Julia,
Your horses are so nice with your children! I love that. The picture wityh you atop looking down and your littel girl was there...too funny! I did not know you had two till today...but I am new and have not read back very far!

Okay..totally excited to tell you of the progress today with my mare.
I have to thank YOU soo much for writing that advise. It has opened up a huge world for me and my sensitive mare.
I warmed up for an hour...mostly walking and flexing and bending some spiralsin and out, just to get her listening to me and relaxed.
I was walking longer rein and asked her to collect agian and as I got that I sat into her with my left seqat as her fore leg v=came lonly took two strides..she cantered! OH MY! I have never done that!
We did the other side as well..a bit stiff track left but she gave it to me and I am estatic!

My Mentor showed up 5 minutes later, thought I was done cause I was on the ground walking her..I just had to get off, after those departs was worth a hug on her neck- from the ground!

Thank you sooo much! KacyK

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Glad to hear that Gemma in on the upswing. Ella looks so tiny in the picture from on top of Sharpie, so cute! Lucky that you have such good helpers.

Mountain Woman said...

I could use a spa day. Why is it our beloved horses and doggies always get this pampering and we ourselves never do?
The photos were fabulous and as always Ella is a star!